Quote 16: John Key on the limits to government

Big ups to our Prime Minister for recognising that there are limits to government (ht Anti-Dismal and Kiwiblog):

There is actually a limit to what governments can do

And on intergenerational equity:

You’ve saddled future generations with an enormous amount of debt that then they have to repay

Another quality quote is:

Good regulatory reform can be an important catalyst toward driving economic growth and coming out of the recession faster

I agree – I do think there is scope for government as well.  There are limits on government and there is a role for government – I am glad to see that we have a PM that recognises this.

However, my main question has to be – what defines his “limit” on government involvement?  This is an important question – as one can recognise there is limitations, but then they can just keep “pushing out” where these constraints hold.

John Key’s statements are a lot better quality than the tripe Aussie is getting with Kevin Rudd (I get the feeling that Key is more “economically literate”) – and I feel that our policy response is relatively more appropriate as well.