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With alcohol regulation remember

Remember the simple fact that, as long as we believe people are responsible, have better information on themselves, and are better able to make choices regarding themselves then arbitrary regulation (or some lesser combination of these points), then we shouldn’t focus on the entire “social cost (private + external costs)” associated with alcohol when regulating. […]


Alcohol and addiction: part II

We posted recently criticising the method in which the Law Commission has decided to approach its revamp of alcohol regulation. In the comments there was some vociferous criticism of the BERL report on which the Law Commissions relied for its estimates of the harm of alcohol usage. We were also lucky enough to have a […]


The equation for happiness

As the world starts to move from focusing on growth to wellbeing a group of neuroscientists decided to test people’s brains to check whether ‘happiness’ occurred as predicted. The BBC reports that they found “We can look at past decisions and outcomes and predict exactly how happy you will say you are at any point in […]