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Some links for today

Hello all.  Here are some links I’d like to do posts on, but don’t have the time.  As a result, I suggest enjoying them for yourself! VoxEU discusses banks being “too large” (to big to fail subsides). VoxEU again, on Piketty’s second fundamental law. Noah Smith with further comments on undergrad economics. Eric Crampton on […]


Salvation army “state of the nation” report

Via the Herald I spotted this State of the Nation report by the Salvation Army (Note:  The core report can be found here).  It is nicely put together, taking a whole series of publicly available data and making it fit for public consumption!  Also I appreciate their focus on shining attention on issues that get […]


Embarrassment is a barrier to sales

Why shop online? Avoid the embarrassment of mispronouncing foreign words or being viewed as a giant fattie! Nom nom nom nom… Abstract: We show that social interaction reduces the diversity of products purchased by consumers in two retail settings. First, we consider a field experiment conducted by Sweden’s monopoly alcohol retailer and find that moving […]


Is advertising evil?

Vox says the data supports Matt’s priors: There is an old debate in economic theory… about whether advertising increases or decreases the prices of consumer goods. Some have argued that advertising provides information to consumers, such as information on prices or the existence of products. This information increases the degree of competition in a market, […]


Invalid opinions

IF you follow the econ blogs in New Zealand you’ll have seen Matt and others getting pretty grumpy about the uninformed comments sometimes made in the media. That has only been exacerbated by the recent misunderstanding of quantitative easing. A philosopher writing in the Herald sums up how I think economists feel: If “everyone’s entitled […]