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Quote 23: Daniel Little on Popper and meta-social theories

Excellent quote (ht Economist’s View): Popper’s critique of historicism, then, can be rephrased as a compelling critique of the model of the natural sciences as a meta-theory for the social and historical sciences. History and society are not law-governed systems for which we might eventually hope to find exact and comprehensive theories. Instead, they are […]


More definitions of economics

I just asked this new Wolfram Alpha search engine “what is economics”.  It told me: Economics:  The branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management This differs from the Robbins definition of economic science: Economics is a science which studies human behavior as […]


Arnold Kling: Economics>Macro

Arnold Kling is right that Macroeconomics is only a subset of economics – and as a result a failure in macroeconomics does not damn the whole economic method. However, I think he might be giving macroeconomists a bit of a free ride here.  Think of it this way – microeconomics has evolved to generalise hypotheses […]