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A ranking of Beatles songs

Marginal Revolution links to a ranking that someone made of Beatles songs.  Its definitely worth a read – it is amazing how diverse the Beatles music was, and how many important economic style considerations they made in their songs. My top five Beatles songs would be: “Within You Without You” (27th on his list), “Norwegian […]


A critique of the Austrian and Chicago schools?

Over at Economist’s View there is an interesting piece from a book named “History of Economic Thought: A Critical Perspective”. Now I don’t disagree with large parts of this. It is indeed fallacious to state that any CONCLUSION is value free – as it never is. However, I feel that the piece mixes up its […]


Frog’s (next) attack on “economics”

Frog has again attacked economics – however, this time the attack has been painted out in a more substantive manner, a manner that will allow us to actually discuss the methodology of economics and see where this critique fits in. Frog’s claim is that: The neoclassical economic model is failing us. It is based on […]