TVHE was founded by four newly minted economists in 2007. A series of different New Zealand economists have written on the site since, with the shared goal of clearly communicating economic issues and concepts.

Air New Zealand kindly explained to us what the blog was about back in 2011 when they published the following in their domestic inflight magazine:

A one-stop-shop for discussion on topics as diverse as methodological individualism and whether chocolate will become as pricey as caviar (Conclusion?  No need to stockpile Dairy Milk just yet).  The Visible Hand Of Economics features the musing of several Kiwi economists; some named, like the prolific Matt Nolan, others anonymous.  Drawn together by their shared belief that the Government has a role to play in the economy, they haven’t turned their backs on the free-market philosophy.  Drop in for a thought-provoking read.

Today a variety of economists from varying organisation will publish their candid thoughts on New Zealand, and global, economic issues.

Come and share your thoughts with us in the comments.