Will, Goonix, James, and Matt started this blog in mid-July 2007 [just when financial markets began to respond to the weakening US housing market], and since then the global economy has collapsed and we have had one of the longest and deepest global recessions since the Great Depression. We like to think the two aren’t linked – and so will continue blogging into the future. If there is no economic recovery by 2020 we may consider stopping.

The people

Regular contributors

Shamubeel Eaqub was an economist at NZIER until recently and has published two books about the NZ economy.

Matt Nolan is an economist at Infometrics and student at Victoria University of Wellington.  He is a co-founder of TVHE (email: matt@tvhe.co.nz. Work phone: 04-496-5290)

James Zuccollo is an economist at HEFCE in the UK, and co-founder of TVHE (email: jameszuccollo@gmail.com, twitter: @jzuccollo, REPEC, Google Scholar.)

Infometrics Ltd is an author account where authors from Infometrics ask for views on their fortnightly opinion pieces.

Occassional contributors

Will Taylor (@willtaylornz) is a co-founder of TVHE. He spent a long period of time in cave completing a PhD in economics. Since emerging he has spent his days as consulting economist. As a sometime frustrated user of public transport, he is the blog’s transport commentator. He makes awesome home brew and is always on the look-out for economics themed beer names. If the website is broken it is his fault, since he built it.

He is not related Daniel Taylor.

Daniel Taylor describes himself as a multidisciplinary social scientist, which basically means he thinks he’s a jack of all trades while others probably describe him as a master of none behind his back. He holds various degrees in Political Science, History, and Development Studies and so naturally works professionally as a Statistician.

Goonix is an economist working in industry. His classic  liberal views means that he is typically the most skeptical of the TVHE authors when it comes to government intervention in a market.  He is also a co-founder of TVHE.

The Hand is a catch all guest post spot.  Generally when there is an issue we don’t care about, can’t really touch on, or don’t know enough about, we will try to get someone else to write on it.  If this person doesn’t want to use their own “name” then they can use this.

There have previously been a few other commentators who are going to remain anonymous, but you can still trust them 🙂 . Our commentators all have an economics bent (ie they understand the value of methodological individualism as a form of analysis), even if they are not all necessarily economists.

Anything we write is our own opinion, and has NOTHING to do with the organisations we are with, or even the other members of the blog- hence why we always argue with each other 😉

What we do.

Given we weren’t really sure what we do, we are just going to copy this review from the March 2011 Air New Zealand domestic inflight magazine:

A one-stop-shop for discussion on topics as diverse as methodological individualism and whether chocolate will become as pricey as caviar (Conclusion?  No need to stockpile Dairy Milk just yet).  The Visible Hand Of Economics features the musing of several Kiwi economists; some named, like the prolific Matt Nolan, others anonymous.  Drawn together by their shared belief that the Government has a role to play in the economy, they haven’t turned their backs on the free-market philosophy.  Drop in for a thought-provoking read.

Contact us

If any other New Zealand economists would like to either write a guest piece, or a regular column, just send an email to Matt (email: nolan.matt@gmail.com; matt@infometrics.co.nz. Work phone: 04-496-5290).

Also, if you just want to contact us, email Matt.

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