Sir Roger’s alternative budget

Notice that I just stole the title from Kiwiblog – as it was really the best title in my opinion 😉

This is the first set of policies for the Budget, so it is the first post for our “Budget 2010” series.

Kiwiblog has a great rundown, I’ve only got a few points to add:

  1. Yes it would increase efficiency and GDP.
  2. Yes it would have “equity” costs.
  3. Given that no party was elected on the basis of this sharp a change in “redistribution” between equity and efficiency it isn’t the budget I would recommend for actual policy at the current time.
  4. I do applaud Roger Douglas for doing a realistic run through of what his budget would look like though – I respect transparency.

As more Budget or alternative budget details come through we will have a crack at looking at them.