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Study at Vic day today

It is study at Vic day today, so if you or someone you know is a Year 13 then the Year 13 needs to head up to Victoria University – so that we can convince them that they should study Economics. [Economics is up at10.25 at HM205 and 1.10 at HM104.] But if you can’t […]

Discussion Tuesday

Given I’m currently heavily heavily busy I’ll have to pull another comment from this Top 10 at 10 Economists don’t have universal truths, which is why I can’t understand how it is called a science.  Without those universal truths all you can expect is opinions. Questions: Does science have universal truths? Is it true that […]

Green party costings

I kindly received an email via the Green party yesterday pointing me to the costings on their website.  I see that the costings (here) were looked at by two independent economic consultancies – BERL and Infometrics (which is my workplace). I haven’t been involved with any of it, or talked to any of the people involved. […]