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Video: What can we do with GDP

Hey team, I realised that a lot of the videos going up presuppose knowledge about what GDP is and what the purpose of GDP is – but after hearing another series of people baselessly criticise GDP I realised that assuming this knowledge isn’t really the best place to start. So I popped a video up […]

Measuring GDP and inequality

Hi all, I’ve finished lecturing for the year early and so Gulnara and me have decided to put up some videos on measuring GDP and inequality. We’ve both been quite keen to pop together a short book and short series of videos on different economic indicators and how to interpret them – as it is […]

NZ GDP at record highs?

It has been a long time since I’ve closely followed New Zealand macroeconomic statistics – but I was a bit surprised seeing the headline “GDP jump of 14 per cent completes NZ’s ‘V’-shaped recovery“. Cliffs notes to this post – it was a strong result, but September likely wasn’t the strongest quarter on record, and […]

The game of mask wearing

Now that we are back to level 2 lockdown in New Zealand (apart from Auckland where it is level 3) the issue of “should we wear a mask” has cropped up. A lot of “words” have been spread across the internet on the issue, with people arguing about their effectiveness, complaining about how it hurts […]