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Can we blame universities for inequality in educational attainment?

I can see where this article is coming from.  Inequality in educational attainment can translate into inequality in incomes.  If people from poor households have lower educational attainment then we have a generational link between low incomes, which implies lower income mobility.  This is something that we may find unjust. Why do I say “may”, […]

Bleg: Is this due to capitalism?

Is the Sims the critique of modern capitalism we've all been missing https://t.co/T01dR6Hv5m — Unlearning Economics (@UnlearningEcon) September 17, 2018 I hear this sort of thing a lot – and want to hear your views.  I will give a view in the future. Also we used to just play Sim City 2000 in economics class […]

10 years after Lehman

I have been enjoying the live tweeting of the Lehman Brothers failure – with a 10 year delay. On the day I had this to say. Then 10 years ago today I tried to provide some predictions.  The terms of trade fell a little more than I expected (to their 2005 levels rather than to […]

On school spending and teachers pay

"We then narrow our focus to black families in the South, where state-wide minimum teacher salary laws created sharp differences in teacher wages between adjacent counties. These differences had large impacts on schooling attainment"https://t.co/WOnenclZxu — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) September 12, 2018 Interesting.  Education, and schooling attainment, seems to be a big issue over here in […]

“Left Youtube” is overusing the labour theory of value

While I have been MIA over the last four years a lot has changed on the internet and in terms of economic and social discourse.  The weird infatuation of the alt-right with “globalists” and nonsensical economic arguments is particularly upsetting – and I’ll be discussing how the decline in persuasiveness of economists has helped these types […]

Wellbeing conference

Via Motu on Facebook I saw the following. I had no idea this was going on … even though I saw the flyers all around university advertising it.  I’m working quite long days at the moment so my mind isn’t really all there 😛 However, this looks cool – I’m going to see if I […]