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Uninformed political conjecture on “the left”

As someone who is very interested in economics, but with a hefty distaste for tribal politics, elections and political parties are strange times for me.  I have little to no knowledge of politics, but I have some idea of policy trade-offs and political economy.  In this way, I see any comments I make about politics […]

Discussion Tuesday

I wasn’t too sure about buying the Martin Wolf book (as it is no longer the area I’m working in), but with a great quote like this in an A&A I’m going to have to buy it: Martin Wolf on humility and economics, from a Q&A at Vox about his new book (http://t.co/s5Z2brNauU)… pic.twitter.com/kvKHpYnhBs — […]

Election day

After everything going haywire for a while it has all gone quiet, and generally we are supposed to remain mute on party preference and party politics until 7pm tonight.  That has lead Imperator Fish to go on a journey of arbitrary things (one, two, three, four). I’m going to stick to election related points that […]

Spam, buses, and votes: A Bleg

I have seen a lot of talk about the “vote buses” running around, and I’ve been wondering – do they really make much difference?  Is it a prisoner’s dilemma (more a zero sum game) where parties have to spend money on the bus tour if the other party is to keep their vote the same, […]

Some policies to consider for the election

As I’ve stated, I’m disenfranchised at present.  But you might not be, and you might want to consider the trade-offs embodied in the social-economic policies of political parties – good stuff! I haven’t had a chance to write much detail about anyone bar the Greens – I have tried to pull things together, but haven’t […]

Conspiracy theory of the day

This election hurts my head, so I thought I’d note down some of the strange thoughts it is giving me.  View this as no more than the ramblings of someone who hasn’t had enough sleep. I was talking to my Mum yesterday, and we were both surprised with Laila Harre being involved in the Internet Party […]