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Dole bludger army?

I see that some Australian TV show host said that New Zealand has the “dole bludger army” for support in the cricket.  Now something about intimate relationships with sheep or cows, or something about little country syndrome, or something about Lord of the Rings, would have been fine – banter is acceptable.  But his statement […]

Piketty Panel

Hello New Zealand readers.  Just giving you a heads up that tomorrow (Thursday, 23 October) there is a panel discussion on the Piketty book (Capital in the Twenty-First Century) and its relevance to New Zealand. As I contributed to the related book of book reviews, and as this particular event is in Wellington (where I […]

Discussion Tuesday

From Noah Smith on Twitter: There are models economists make to describe what they think is really going on, and there are models they make to explore neat ideas. — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) October 9, 2014 My question to you fine folk, are both types of models useful?  If so how?

Discussion Tuesday

Via Ryan Decker on Twitter: Pundits want equal status to econs, hence the argument MT @ModeledBehavior enough w/ claims that econ unscientific http://t.co/2rDxQOKyRj … — Ryan Decker (@UpdatedPriors) September 28, 2014