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What can a new lawnmower tell us about labour markets?

Cross posted from Substack. A few years ago Gulnara and I made a video on unemployment. Although this was a particularly unpopular video, it was actually one of our favourites – and we keep thinking about ways we want to expand the story of our friend JM. In this video we give examples of how […]

Cost of job loss: Wage scarring

Cross posted from Substack. Previously we’ve talked about the cost of job loss in terms of revealed consumption responses – i.e. how do individuals cut their spending following job loss. This is a useful concept, and there is going to be more to say on this in the next year. But a more basic point […]

Was the New Zealand 2023/24 Budget inflationary?

Yesterday the New Zealand Budget was released and described as “surprisingly frilly” for a no-frills Budget. As a result, is it inflationary? My answer is “no idea” – I just wanted to use the same title as the Australian Budget post. You yell inflation at me and I say “monetary policy offset through higher interest […]

Was the Aussie 2023/24 Budget inflationary?

Last night was the Australian 2023/24 Budget. Like all Budgets it existed and was filled with politics – but I was surprised to find my twitter filled this morning with people calling it highly inflationary, and others saying it would reduce inflation. The arguments appear to be: I’m a bit slow, so I wanted to […]