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ECON130 Week 4: Producer Theory

Hi everyone. My apologies that we can’t meet in person anymore – as the university is now running classes online due to the COVID-19 quarantine. You will have seen that the lectures are already online – feel free to watch them when you can. Lecture 7 slides are here and Lecture 8 slides are here. […]

Why are all the shops so close to each other?

Gulnara keeps telling me that she needs to go shopping – but of course there is a nationwide quarantine so she’s stuck at home listening to me. Although I feel some sympathy with her situation, I was worried that I will get dragged all around the place when we do go shopping in the future […]

ECON 130 Week 3: Consumer theory continued

Hello all! Last week you learned about indifference curves and budget constraints, and how we could use these concepts to understand individual choice. In the end we were able to build a demand curve that related the quantity demanded by an individual to the price of the product. This week you will go through more […]