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Anti-trust articles: Fintech and 5G

One of the founding authors and editors of TVHE has a couple of cool anti-trust articles up for the Anti-Trust writing awards. I reckon we should go an give them some support. Will Taylor notes this on LinkedIn here – but if that doesn’t work for you the link to the voting for the two […]

How we talk about the nature of work

Over two days Betsey Stevenson had two posts on the nature of work – both of which I agree with, and both of which sound like they may contradict. So wait a second, if someone in a high status job gets paid more for the same effort and same contribution then why are we talking […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Economics and the nature of a gift

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, from Gulnara and myself. To celebrate we’ve put up a video characterising two different ways of thinking about gift giving – specifically the conflict between telling someone what gift you want and the nature of a surprise gift. People think and feel very differently about this, and fair enough we all […]