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ECON 130 Week 3: Consumer theory continued

Hello all! Last week you learned about indifference curves and budget constraints, and how we could use these concepts to understand individual choice. In the end we were able to build a demand curve that related the quantity demanded by an individual to the price of the product. This week you will go through more […]

ECON130 Week 2: Consumer theory

Hello again everyone. This week a different lecture is coming in to discuss economics with you – he’s great and you are all going to have a wonderful time. I cannot link your lecturer’s slides here – but he is covering similar ground to other years. As a result, here is the Wednesday and Thursday […]

ECON 130 (Intro Micro) Week One

Hi everyone – welcome to what will become a (regular) Wednesday post, even thought today is Tuesday. To the students reading this, welcome to VUW’s ECON 130. The purpose of these weekly posts is to outline some of the key questions we should be able to think through given what we have worked through in […]

Where have the Boxing day sales gone?

Merry Christmas fine people! So it is Christmas. How about this year I don’t: Make the case for why we should give cash instead of gift. Warn about not undertaking time inconsistent behaviour on Christmas day. Honestly, I used to do the same thing every year. My way of precommiting to that was to time […]