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Upcoming blog changes

Hi everyone.  You may have noticed a flurry of activity in the blog over the last two weeks – this is because I moved two months of planned activity forward so it would be finished by the end of September. I am going to have to leave the blog for a while in order to […]

Good tweet on narratives and morality

"It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner"– Adam Smith "Narratives compete with imperatives (general moral rules or precepts)…to persuade agents to behave in desirable ways."– Jean Tirolehttps://t.co/YdVGjsh84U — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) September 22, 2018 Make of this what you will.  I think reading […]

Use value, exchange value, and “cost”

When writing this post I found myself a bit uncomfortable with terminology like “use value” and “exchange value” and so steered away from them – well also because a production function approach to the question is just so much damned clearer!  Exchange value was fine, but use value I found a bit confusing – as […]

Bleg: The role of unions

I see that Bloomberg is stating that Economists are changing their minds about unions – moving from seeing them negatively to seeing them positively. Unions are an interesting topic, but are also inseparable from a discussion about the relative welfare state and competition policy embedded in a nation.  Nordic and German trade unions are quite […]