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Artificial environmental goodness

Arnold Kling at EconLog isn’t impressed by Planktos who claim to …restore damaged habitats in the ocean and on land. Through iron-stimulated plankton blooms in the oceans and afforestation projects in Europe, we are able to generate carbon credits. We then sell these offsets to individuals and businesses that are looking to reduce their carbon […]

Carbon taxes for all

Well, I don’t always agree with Gary Becker but he has a nice post on carbon taxes and why they could be George W Bush’s friend. He says A tax on carbon emissions from business and household production would not only help reduce global warming–by how much is still controversial–but it would also lower the […]

There’s taxation and then there’s taxation

Matt posted recently about environmental taxes on petrol. The comments section contains some discussion about whether taxation is a good idea or whether it’s just bureaucratic meddling. This sort of politico-vs-economist tax argument inevitably involves people talking straight past each other so perhaps this is a good time to discuss what we mean when we […]

Economics fiction writing

It’s about a virtual world, similar to our own but slightly removed from it. It purports to have a set of rules that are internally consistent but has to constantly resort to ad hoc explanations for unusual behaviour. Yet, still, there is a lot of stuff that happens that is inexplicable within the rules of […]

The smoking debate redux

For the first substantive post on this blog I’ve gone with a topic that’s an oldie (for NZers), but a goodie: banning smoking in public places. Britain’s currently going through the growing pains of a conversion to smoke-free public places and economist Tim Harford thinks that the economics of the change just don’t stack up. […]