Over US$0.76

Oww yea, we crossed US$0.76 temporarily.


I said we would cross 76, however I said we would do it by the start of September, so I guess I was sort of wrong 😉

Where to from here?  I don’t know, all this volatility scares me!

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  1. Kiwi Trader
    Kiwi Trader says:

    We are on the way back to 0.8100. Probably overdue for a correction lower yet, as we have come a long way very quickly.
    But 0.8100 is the target at this stage. That would mean an 18% range (from the high) and the 10 year average chnage (per calendar year) is 18% so still a normal year really. Remember last year?, 0.7000, down to 0.5950 (15%) then the NZD went all the way back up and made new highs!

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