Quote: 4) Kevin D Hoover – Is the representitive agent model really “micro-foundations”

Kevin D Hoover:

The claim that representative-agent models provide micro-foundations succeeds only when we steadfastly avoid the fact that reporesentative-agent models are just as aggregative as old-fashioned Keynesian macroeconometric models

Kevin Hoover is a professor at Duke University.  I put down this quote as I believe that the modern day process of macroeconomics is likely to come under scrutiny following recent global events – and Dr Hoover’s writing has convinced me that the representative agent model isn’t really the same as reductionism/micro-foundations.

Microeconomics is beautiful descriptive discipline, macroeconomics needs to either find ways to apply it, or use a different holistic method to explain what it is doing – doing something that is (possibly) half and half might not cut it in the end.