Branding too big to fail: TBTF

Too big to fail has to be one of the “catch phrases” of 2008.  Catch phrases often deserve some fan art – however, over 2008 I didn’t see any.

The Minneapolis Fed obviously felt that fan art was necessary – which lead to this banner (ht CPW):

Excellent.  The related post is here.  In it, they discuss how to identify and quantify the issue in the future – so Fed action does not appear so “ad hoc”.

  • is this kind of like the heart foundation “tick” and you can put it on all your promotional material? 🙂

  • That would definitely increase investor certainty.

    Invest in us and the taxpayer is GUARANTEED to bail you out 😛

  • goonix


  • “lol!”

    Agreed – it is a great logo 🙂