Why Black?

You may be wondering why our website is black today, we have joined the New Zealand internet blackout protest against the new Guilt Upon Accusation law ‘Section 92A’ that calls for internet disconnection based on accusations of copyright infringement without a trial and without any evidence held up to court scrutiny. This is due to come into effect on February 28th unless immediate action is taken by the National Party.

Note that this law was passed by the previous Labour government, but inaction by the National government is just as bad….

More information available here

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  1. Bill Bennett
    Bill Bennett says:

    That’s Labour Agnitio, Labor is the Australian centre left party.

    It may seem like I’m being pedantic here, but after two weeks of writing search engine optimised copy I’m suddenly aware of how important spellings like this can be online.

  2. Bill Bennett
    Bill Bennett says:

    After the pedantry

    Myself and Mauricio Freitas had the following vaguely economics related comments on Lance Wiggs’ blog. What do you dismal scientists think?

    Mauricio Freitas: “The reason why XNET is acting like that – and why others ISPs will do the same – is cost of compliance.

    I’ve heard from one of the largest ISPs in the country that the cost to get to compliance levels is about $500,000 for them.

    Smaller ISPs will not bear those costs and simply disconnect users when an accusation arrives…”

    billbennettnz: “Which just raises barriers to market entry and lowers competition.

    Original thread at http://lancewiggs.com/2009/02/22/why-this-site-is-in-blackout/

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