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Economics themed beer: Hopportunity cost IPA

Here at TVHE our two favorite things are beer and economics. Some of our most insightful discussions of economics often occur over a beer or two…I might even go as far as saying the beer consumption of TVHE authors should be subsidised given the large, un-priced public benefits that occur when we drink. But that’s […]

EVENT: Commerce Comission talk on new merger guidelines (Auckland)

The Commerce Commission recently updated it Mergers & Acquisitions guidelines for the first time in 10 years (read them here). They also updated the Authorisation guidelines, which is the mechanism available to the Commission to approve mergers that lesson competition but have an offsetting public benefit (available here). In Auckland on 10 September (just under […]

“Sprawl” and population density: should we care about the average or the distribution?

I’m quite interested in the debate going on in Auckland at the moment about whether population growth should be accommodated by more “sprawl” or increased density. In particular, people claim Auckland currently has quite a lot of sprawl and the vision set out in the Auckland Plan (and implemented in the unitary plan) is that […]

Raising Rivals Costs: Bar Edition

Just read a great post By Dom over at the liquor ladder. Sounds like the Hospitality Association wants to restrict liquor licensing to certain parts of Wellington (Courtney Place and Cuba St). But the Council, who seem to think the scenes in Courtenay Place late on Fridays and Saturdays represent “vibrancy”, and the Hospitality Association, […]