The Single House Zone: PAUP 2013

The Independent Hearings Panel (IHP) has released its recommendations on the Auckland Unitary Plan. One of the ways the IHP is proposing to increase density is to reduce the Single House Zone (SHZ) by 22%. The SHZ is areas with relatively large sections that you are only allowed one house on.  So these areas are effectively frozen in time, no growth will can happen and they will remain villages of sorts.

To get a feel for how the SHZ effects Auckland, and therefore what reducing it might do, I’ve pulled together a map of the SHZ, as proposed by Auckland Council back in September 2013 (what is known as the “Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan” or PUAP).  I.e. the IHP is proposing to reduce what is shown in this map substantially. But the data that would allow me to draw that map hasn’t been released yet.  (You can view the maps with all the zones online here.)



Looking at this, it’s striking that the CBD is encircled by the SHZ.  So the land it is closest to where people work, and therefore would benefit the most from increased density, is precisely the land that can’t be unlocked for increased density.


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  1. Sam Murray
    Sam Murray says:

    Policy meet politics
    Policy: pleased to meet you. I hope we can be friends. I have some great ideas for improving housing affordability.
    Politics: Votes!
    Policy: Yes, I suppose we should leave some areas single house zones. Surely though, all the land closest to the CBD should be zoned higher density.
    Politics: Votes!
    Policy: But what about inter-generational equity.
    Politics: Votes!
    Policy: Oh, I see. Could we not just ask those key voters and donors in the inner suburbs to think of the public good.
    Politics: Votes!
    Policy: I will just let myself out.

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