Another NZ econ blog closure

Sadly Bernard Hickey has stopped posting at his Show Me the Money blog.

Luckily he still has the Rates Blog to post on.

On the sad side, Dismal Soyanz and Partially Unexpected have gone quiet.

But on the plus side, as of last month Anti-Dismal is back.

I hope New Zealand can keep a good number of economics blogs going – it is a good way for us all to discuss and learn about NZ specific economic issues. Is there any NZ economics only blogs that I have missed here?

Note: Kiwiblog, Not-PC, TUMEKE, and the Standard deserve honorable mention for the amount of relatively in depth economics discussion they put together – the other NZ blogs on my blogroll (and beyond) also put down a fair amount of economics discussion, which is excellent.

Update:  Following a comment I’ve just seen another NZ economics type blog – Brad Taylor’s blog.  If I had more categories I would say political economy to be more precise.  I have a lot of time for political economists – they have a lot of useful skills I don’t have!

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  1. Bill Bennett
    Bill Bennett says:

    Ironic. This is a time when there is need for more independent economic analyse and chat to help us less dismal scientists understand what’s going on.

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