More suggestions …

And some more

Other ideas include:
* $10,000 interest free loans to new house buyers;
* Government-funded crisis managers to help companies in strife;
* A fund from the sale of government bonds to add liquidity to the consumer finance market;
* Tax holidays for struggling businesses; and
* The Government offering loan guarantees to small and medium sized businesses.

Why give home buyers money? What is the social benefit from someone buying a house!

Are we actually facing a liquidity constraint in the consumer finance market? I didn’t think we were? Households have decide they WANT to cut back spending given uncertainty.

Guaranteeing loans?? Sure, that is a great way to make sure we get productive investment going 😛

Crisis help and tax holidays are potential goers – although, there would need to be more detail before I could say I agree with it.

Update: At 2.15 Bill English said NZer’s will decide whether this is a “talk-fest” or a “do-fest”. What he means is that NZer’s need to be adaptable because this is a permanent shift. This is true.

However, if the whole adjustment needs to be done by NZer’s, what is the point of this “talk-fest”? Note I call it a talk fest because he is practically saying that the adjustment needs to be done by people outside the meeting, and that policy can’t really help.

Update 2:  From here:

Those in the building industry have asked for subsidies for wood frame homes arguing it will boost both the construction and forestry sectors

The lobbyists are having a FIELD DAY!!!