My main questions about the nine day fortnight

It appears that more details on the nine day fortnight will be avaliable over the coming days – excellent.  I am looking forward to having this element of the policy explained to me:

Affected workers would spend the 10th day of their working fortnight in training or education, paid for by the Government.

Where exactly do you get training once a fortnight?

What exactly constitutes training/education – does it have to be accredited, or can “doing your job” be training?

If doing your job is the training isn’t this effectively a wage subsidy?  (Something I have noticed the National party don’t want to call it – even if it is one of the few ways to make some potential economic sense of the policy).

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  1. doug beta story
    doug beta story says:

    Raivo Pommer

    Rumenien ja Lettlands geld

    Die Reaktion fiel gelassen aus. Obgleich nach Ungarn und Lettland mit Rumänien nun der dritte osteuropäische EU-Mitgliedstaat die Europäische Kommission in Zahlungsschwierigkeiten geraten ist und um Hilfe gebeten hat, zeigen die Finanzmärkte nur verhaltene Reaktionen.

    Die Landeswährung Leu wertet zwar um 0,8 Prozent auf 4,3077 Leu je Euro ab, doch ist sie damit immer noch unter dem Tief von Anfang Februar bei 4,3614 Leu. Die Kurse der rumänischen Staatsanleihen gaben immerhin leicht nach.

  2. John Smith
    John Smith says:

    What is the situation if the boss asks you to work “overtime” on your day off? i.e. work for half a day or more!
    Do you work for nothing and the boss gets the benefit?
    When this scheme finishes I would not be happy with working and “extra” day for nothing!

  3. Matt Nolan
    Matt Nolan says:

    @John Smith

    It will be interesting to see what they class as “training”. It is possible that you may still work on the “day off” and it will be classed as “a day of training”. Effectively in this case the government will be legislating you a pay cut – and will be paying part of your lower wage. A weird policy indeed!

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