Sociology summary

Personally, I hold an interest in social sciences outside of economics.  The only problem is that I have even less knowledge about these other social sciences than I do about economics.

As a result, I was glad to see this post on the four major “traditions” of sociology:

  1. Hard core interactionism/social constructionism
  2. Critical social theory.
  3. Values, institutions, and relations.
  4. Resources and Action.

I especially like the ordering – from the most holistic to the most reductionist.

Economists strongly work with the fourth category – but have been known to dabble in (or at least understand the value of) the third category.  However, many modern economic theorists keep clear of the first two categories, and the idea of a “social reality” (as we fundamentally believe that society is reducible to the incentives of individuals).  Are we missing anything by ignoring this concept?

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