Ummmmm. Ohhh. Hmmmm.

Government to cut back the number of temporary work permits for skilled labour.  Great way to make the recession deeper guys.

So there are jobs that could create real value and production in the country, and we don’t want to let people come in and do those jobs.  When did NZ first come into power – I thought they lost out in the recent election?

The economy is not a zero sum game, if we have the best person available doing the job, then because of taxes and the such this benefits everyone.  Migrants create work my friend, especially migrants that are coming into the country to work!

However – if you read the article its not quite as bad.  They aren’t saying that they are explicitly cutting back on migrants now – they are just admitting that there will be less available work during a recession, so there are less areas where they can bring in “productive employees”.  I hope.

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