It’s just hype

I used to be a fan of The Hype Machine, but then I started to feel like the music on it was more hype than substance. People often wonder about how much of the talk about current music ‘sensations’ is hype and how much truth there is to there brilliance. So I was fascinated to read Gene Expression’s analysis of hype vs worth for artists and classical composers. Apparently Monet and Brahms are waaaaaay over-hyped and actually their chops aren’t that great! It turns out that composers are pretty decently valued according to their accomplishments, but some artists are over-hyped. The data also shows that we have a love affair with late 19th century art and music that scholars just don’t understand. Check out the posts cos it’s fascinating stuff if you’re a data geek 🙂

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  1. Eric Crampton
    Eric Crampton says:

    Do note that the denominator is pages in encyclopedias as of 1950 or so. Some artists are overhyped in the encyclopedias….

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