Breakfast tomorrow: Defending the 24% increase in house prices

I will be on Breakfast tomorrow (at 6.50am) defending Infometrics pick of a 24% increase in house prices over the next three years.

Although the last pick was a little off, house prices still only feel a little bit more than we stated (falling 10% vs our 5% – although if you look at median house prices the decline was only 5.4% :P) and this was really the result of a collapse in credit markets – something that had not fully eventuated at the time.  Once the credit crisis stepped up following Lehman Brothers we moved into the 10% fall camp.

Anyway, feel free to complain about things I say here – until I get a post up discussing what I went over.

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    I’m a bad person I know….

    Although is taping it so you can watch a football game that much better than sleeping in and the watching it online?:P

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