More reasons to legalise drugs?

When this article appeared in Stuff it seemed to want to give the impression that drugs = bad.  That is good for it.  However, when I read it it simply made me think that we should legalise said drugs.  Here is why.

Ecstasy users are unwittingly taking other potentially more dangerous substances including P, as drug dealers become more reckless, officials warn.

And this is happening because of the large number of drug raids, restricting the supply of Ecstasy right.  So legalisation would improve quality and safety.  Also.

When it burst on to the scene in the 1970s it was pure MDMA and its reputation as an uncomplicated party drug exploded. However, once MDMA was made illegal in the late 1970s, ecstasy’s make-up changed.  The legend of the “round shiny tablet with a logo on it” had grown out of proportion.

So making it illegal lead to a degradation of the quality of the product, which made it more dangerous.

So lets legalise these things and regulate the industries, no?

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  1. Jake @ HypnoBusters Hypnosis
    Jake @ HypnoBusters Hypnosis says:

    I agree. As well as the safety issue legalizing drugs had actually brought about a decrease of use in Portugal. It has also saved the country a lot of time and money on policing, instead they focus on rehab rather than arrest for drug use.

  2. albuquerque law firm
    albuquerque law firm says:

    Totally agree with you making illegal lead to a degradation of the quality of the product, which made it more dangerous .so, legalise these things and regulate the industries.For safety and quality improvement of the products legalization is more essential.Thanks for sharing wonderful post with us.

  3. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Completely agree with this posting. At least they could control what is exactly going into these tablets. As far as tax goes, they make a fair amount of money out of tobacco and as we all know that is the biggest killer of them all!

  4. Julianne
    Julianne says:

    It’s a difficult choice for me. While I kind of agree with the idea of taxing and rehab, I’ve also seen the devastating impact drug use, including alcohol, has on a family, especially children.

  5. Consultant
    Consultant says:

    I don’t think anybody ought to legalize ecstasy. But medicinal type plants that are grown and used as grown without the addition of any pharmaceuticals to the plant should be legal for people to grow for their own personal use. But, they shouldn’t be able to market them to others without some quality controls.

  6. deserthead
    deserthead says:

    Legalisation, AND regulation, is a no-brainer – at least policy-wise. If prohibition actually worked then there would be no drug use and no powerful drug gangs (1930s US Mafia, Mexico today anyone??). Instead billions are wasted every year on law enforcement and incarceration and the Gov misses out on an enourmous source of tax revenue. For the minority of users that do suffer serious problems, drug use is a health issue. It should not be a criminal issue. If legalisation is so bad – why does the Holland have lower rates of marijuana use than the US, UK, France, etc, etc..??

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