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In the interest of providing more timely information regarding economic information, or at least our view, the firm I work for (Infometrics) has made a Twitter page and a Facebook page.

The purpose of the Twitter page is to put down our first thoughts on data, and links to articles.  The purpose of the Facebook page is to put down links to articles, and provide a medium where people can ask us questions – which we can in turn respond about.  As a result, if you join the Facebook page I suggest going to discussion and starting a new one – it will be like here, except with other economists from Infometrics, and with less ranting from me 😉

Given that one of our authors is from NZIER (and also because they seem like geniunely nice blokes/blokettes) I feel bound to state that they also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account which I follow.

Other economic analysis Facebook pages of note are CIS (Australasian) and Reform (UK)

Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget that TVHE has a Twitter account – where we post links to our sporadic blog posts.  There is no blog Facebook page as that would be intensely pointless given our lack of any fans 😉 .  However, I would gladly join an NZ economics society style page if it is out there somewhere *wink* *wink*

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  1. Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez says:

    “Unashamed advertising” – I don’t think I’ve ever seen ashamed advertising…

  2. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Enjoyed the article, it’s that you explained the intended purpose of twitter vs facebook, I think people who use both get confused a lot, and don’t customize their content for the medium in used enough.

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