All Whites vs Australia

Tonight at 9.30pm (NZ time) the All Whites will take on Australia over in Melbourne.  The squad is named here (expected Aussie squad here).

Everyone at TVHE is very excited that the All Whites have qualified for the World Cup, and also pumped for the match against the Aussies tonight.  So pumped that Nolan put down $5 on NZ to win (at 10:1).

So good luck boys, we are looking forward to watching you get amongst.

Update:  Feel free to go into comments and discuss your fantasy squad for today 😉 .  Also Yellow Fever discussion is here (pg 21 is where we get more into game day).

Update:  All Whites lost 2-1.  Up 1-0 at half-time.  Great performance boys.  And seriously, our first team looks pretty good – its going to be a great World Cup 🙂

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  1. goonix
    goonix says:

    My line-up for tonight. Note that this isn’t what I think RH will play, rather this is what I would tend towards:


    I prefer four at the back as our three at the back effectively becomes five at the back with wingbacks that never get forward, therefore neutralising potential attacking options out wide. And meaning we revert more to a longball game through necessity.

    McGlinchey is deployed wide left for lack of options, I envisage both he and Bertos would cut infield a bit too.

    Ideally I’d hope my line-up would lead to better interaction between the backs-mids-forwards as opposed to the ‘what midfield?’ option we will effectively have tonight (I think).

  2. Matt Nolan
    Matt Nolan says:

    Updated for the fact I had a 9 man outfield – however, my text has disappeared, will rewrite


    OK. This is the third time I’ve tried to write this, hopefully the internet doesn’t flag out again …

    This is what I would do if I was playing football manager – however, I am sure that whatever RH does will be better in reality.

    Four at the back and Vicelich as a DM – don’t see too much value in more than five focused on defence given that they are only playing one striker by the looks.

    McGlinchey and Brown get the unenviable job of trying to work the midfield – the area that is looking like Aussies strength.

    Bertos and Smeltz work on the width and Killen in the middle as a target man. Hoping that this is the Aussies weakness.

  3. goonix
    goonix says:

    Matt Nolan :

    Reid -Nelsen-Sigmund-Lochhead
    ————Brown- ———-

    Would be real risky for RH to play only nine outfield players imo.

  4. Kimble
    Kimble says:

    “So pumped that Nolan put down $5 on NZ to win (at 10:1).”

    Step one: complete.

    Now on to step two: find somewhere to lay the bet at 5:1.

  5. Matt Nolan
    Matt Nolan says:


    It is for real – just sounds like the guy is a bit of a hater.

    However, it got resourced on Stuff, showing just how poorly organised New Zealand football really is …

    Love the team, coaching seems pretty legendary, but the management seems to have problems (eg Glen Moss ban)

  6. agnitio
    agnitio says:

    Form that article you linked:

    “Herbert has said he would like to continue playing three at the back – a ploy which worked against the Bahrainis. But will it be effective? Or is it tantamount to soccer suicide at the World Cup? Last time I looked, Brazil and England play a conventional four at the back.”


  7. Matt Nolan
    Matt Nolan says:


    Pure hater (him not you 😀 ).

    Last time I looked we didn’t have the same squad as England or Brazil – and if the guy realised that a 3-4-3 was effectively a 5-2-1-2 on defence and a 3-4-3 on attack he might not be so aggressive about it. Hell in many ways it is a defensive formation because we see our limitations.

    Herbert knows the squad better than all these commentators, so I’m sure he knows what he is doing. It is fun to talk fantasy sides – but I realised my opinion is based on both less information and less knowledge 😀


    But it is “England’s year” blah blah blah.

    My $$$ are on Holland, all 5 of them.

  8. nathan .
    nathan . says:

    my preferd all whites squad ;


    saaaweeeet (8

    p.s kelston ! suuuuwooop

  9. SammG
    SammG says:

    Does anyone know what channel/Online/Radio I can get this game on, Quick theres like 30mins till kick off

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