Thoughts on a good economist

A good economist is like a petulant child.  They always ask why, never fully accept an answer, and rarely fully reject one.

Yes, a great economist will have a bunch of other skills – both normative and analytical.  However, I’d say the desire to question and keep an open mind provides a necessary condition for any strong performance by an economist.

Yes, this is more filler – I barely have time to read the news right now, let alone post 😀

So you are getting whatever is in my head this minute 😉

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  1. Steven
    Steven says:

    Its a great idea to compare a good economist with a petulant child! But I would also say that a great economists combines characteristics of a petulant child (like never fully accepting an answer) with characteristics of an adult (such as taking responsibility for their own mistakes, don´t blaming others, etc.)!

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