Rate cuts: Not out of the realm of possibility

I see that there is an article saying that another rate hike is unlikely in the near future – this is true.  If anything, uncertainty – both about the probability of a movement AND the direction of a movement is elevated.  I would not be putting a zero, or even a particularly small probability on a rate cut within the next two meetings.  Note:  I don’t expect one, I expect a lift by around March – and I think the Bank will probably have to move pretty quickly when they do.  But this point is still useful.

Why do I say a cut is possible?  Well it has less to do with the domestic economic situation, and more to do with this stemming from this.  If the Fed does start price level targeting, they will essentially be aiming for a pretty high near term value for inflation – which in turn will see their dollar tank.  If we take this as a broader part of a “currency war” our Reserve Bank would be acting well within their mandate, and likely in an optimal sense, by lowering the cash rate.  A higher dollar tightens monetary conditions (other things equal) and they will want to counter that.

Until we have some idea regarding what the hell the Fed is going to do there will be a huge amount of uncertainty regarding changes in the OCR.  And it isn’t the RBNZ’s fault, they will just be doing what they can given the situation thrust upon them from overseas.

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  1. Kyle Clouse
    Kyle Clouse says:

    The dynamics of our economy are out of control. Interest rates cannot get any lower, jobless rates are on the rise, and inflation is inching up. How does this equate?

  2. JackLuu
    JackLuu says:

    Things are turning out to be brighter. Let’s just believe in that fact. Anyway, there is no way we can do to change the inflation rate, or economic issues, let’s just hope!

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