Comic government test

Look at this comic right now, before reading any other comments or anything I have to say.


Then, if you can be bothered, write in the comments your first impression regarding what this comic implied about government.

Brief comment from me under the fold.

I suspect that the two main responses will be:

  1. That the government is really just scummy anti-social people
  2. That the government has to run the lottery to keep it away from scummy anti-social people.

Seeing how a person responds probably tells you how much faith they have in government!  Huzzah!

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  1. raf
    raf says:

    i thought the lottery was just a “hope” tax on lower income people. give them something to dream about whilst ignoring the realities of their debt slavery.

    i also think gambling tends to attract all sorts. other than occasional forays, it’s an addiction. i think the comic is trying to imply no 1 therefore i’m guessing it’s an American comic as many tend to think of their govt in that way and let’s face it in the US govt is all about money.

    i would be surprised if many people in NZ felt that way about the govt.

  2. Simeon
    Simeon says:

    Funny cartoon.

    The government knows best. People are weak and don’t understand rewards/risks correctly (it’s a cash cow for the operator). The people inclined to know this are those looking to separate fools from their money (the dodgy people), the government are trustworthy (not in regards to lotteries, otherwise they would except competition to this business). Governments are addicted to the cash-flows, and don’t want to lose that to businesses that are happier to run lower return rates (price approaches zero), thus lock the market up.

    It’s very much a no good can come from this. Type thing. I good example is that only one state in the US allows Kiwi Bonds like saving accounts and that due to a loop hole. And that’s not even gambling or a lottery, but that have it locked down non the less.

    So the question Russ Roberts would ask, who is the Bootleggers supporting this Baptist policy?

  3. Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez says:

    The cartoon implies (1), but the correct answer is (3): the government panders to special interest groups, such as the scummy antisocial businessmen who own the real casinos. The ‘bootleggers and baptists’ analogy is spot on.

  4. Grant
    Grant says:

    My first impression was that it is illegal for an individual to attract scummy businessmen, you need to be long to the bank/financial markets club to have that right! The government will protect this club because it is too big to fail.

  5. Matt Nolan
    Matt Nolan says:


    It is true that many in New Zealand wouldn’t take the 100% cynical view – I certainly don’t. However, it is true that the government is an institution that can be captured like any other.


    I think that overstates the case. I would trust an individuals knowledge of themselves – and their ability to make the right choice from themselves – above any institution, even government.

    @Miguel Sanchez



    Agreed regarding the regulatory capture.

  6. Mike Bell
    Mike Bell says:

    Its a valid point, the lottery is yet another tactic to bleed the people. Its all in the name of taxes, if we went in they’re corporate accounting offices with bright Stage Lighting shining on every transaction I’m sure those sporatic jackpot payouts wouldn’t equate to 20% of the net profit received by the government.

  7. JC
    JC says:

    Govts, particularly here, are adroit at securing income for themselves in the “guilt” industries, ie gambling, smoking and drinking. They will say that the income received is used to control these problems and the distress they create, good business and good net income.

    You can also see a touch of the guilts in power generation and sale as well. Its awful that we should dam wild rivers or extract dirty stuff to burn but at least with the Govt running them it can pay some social dividends to ease our wounded green image. Again good business and income.

    Even Kiwirail meets the guilt test.. we are such awful emitters of CO2 that it had to be bought back to try and reduce transport emissions.. which goal will be helped by imposing an ETS.


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