Blog Update

Those who trawl our site regularly may have noticed the blog has had a visual refresh over the last couple of days.

For those who care, the main changes are:

  • Less ugly: Fairly self explanatory…
  • Social media integration:  this should make it much easier for you tell all your friends how much you disagree with Matt;)
  • Nested comments: This should make it easier to tell which one of Matt’s comments you are disagreeing with;)
  • Rich text editor for comments: So when you want to emphasise how strongly you disagree with Matt you can bold stuff:) (will keep playing with different plugins for this, right now it is very simple)
  • Moar ads, nom nom nom: Sticking to the stereotype placed upon as greedy capitalists, we have switched to google ads. So hopefully there will be more relevant content for you and more beer money for us!

I will probably keep tweaking it over the next couple of weeks and try and add some other modern features. Any suggestions for ways we can improve the blog are welcome!

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