Youth training policy

I see that Labour has suggested a youth training policy – I like it.  I am not a fan of their tax policy (I’d fund by reproritising spending, or just increasing tax rates if society so desires, or best of all – actually improving the tax system), but that has nothing to do with this.

I’ve long stated that tax, benefit, and training policies should be more highly integrated, and I see this as a step in the right direction.

I am surprised to see National’s reaction.  For one, they suggested a similar thing prior to last election.  Also, they seem to be going on that Labour keeps announcing this and never doing it – but if this is good policy (something National hasn’t disputed) then why does their policy differ?  If its good its good – criticise policy on its merits right.

  • Kimble

    Nationals line makes sense to me. If the same policy is held by both parties, the differentiation would be based on genuine intention and ability to implement it?

    • If that is actually their policy – which they haven’t said it is.

      Also, they are in government … if it is their policy why haven’t they introduced it?

      If it is their policy they could have said “Labour is discussing policy that is already on our platform” … instead they are attacking it indirectly.

      • Kimble

        The policies are roughly the same, inasmuch as they touch the same issues and the specifics are unknown to the vast majority of people.

        Why get bogged down in specifics when you can just show that you should get the votes simply because you arent the other guys?

        • I suppose that is what is in their interests.

          Its just hard, because when I look at a political party I always ask “what would a group of economists do”.

  • Kimble

    “Its just hard, because when I look at a political party I always ask “what would a group of economists do”.”

    Establish a framework for determing the relative benefits of each political party and then step back leaving it to others to apply the required value judgements?

    • That’s the one – and hopefully we have a mechanism so we can form those value judgments due to the social will.  I’m going with some sort of mind reading device that can objectively measure the relative size of pains and pleasures between people.