Jedi vs economist

I have previously stated that economists are like Jedis.  However, I have recently realised the error of my ways – economists are obviously superior to Jedis.

In both disciplines you have a person trying to understand the nature of society and find what they can add.

Economists do the following:

  • They stand back, look for tendancies, and try to come up with an objective framework for discussing the tendancies and trade-offs that exist.
  • They are trained from the age of 18, and are also allowed to interact normally with real people.
  • They recognise that they only have the ability to work out trade-offs, and often only express them in an “ordinal” manner – they avoid passing judgment and are careful about quantifying result due to this.

Jedi do the following:

  • They stand around and meditate waiting for “the force” (voices in their head) to tell them what the trade-offs are.
  • Following the Ruusan reformation they were trained from when they were children, and are allowed no equal interaction with non-Jedi.
  • They think they can determine what is fair and right – and as a result will impose this “truth” on other people.  To fix this they rely on what older Jedi’s have told them – these are the same people who also got trained as children, and a good number of them became Sith and tried to take over the galaxy anyway :/

Seriously, the Jedi are a bunch of spoiled kids who are endowed with awesome power – wouldn’t getting them to run society be the same as just telling well meaning businessmen who grew up in a wealthy family to run society (although the business man is likely to be more balanced – as he actually got the chance to grow up, and is unlikely to still treat society in the way an 8 year old would).  They may make some good choices, and they may do so with the best intentions – but both these groups are equivalent … even if many of the people who would rise up against the business man would welcome in the Jedi with open arms.

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  1. agnitio
    agnitio says:

    Found a mistake, corrected in bold…

    They are trained from the age of 18, and are also allowed to interact normally with real people, yet choose to keep amongst themselves

    • Matt Nolan
      Matt Nolan says:

      Hey hey hey hey,

      I spend a lot of time drinking, and arbitrarily annoying people – just like anyone else.  The only problem is how quickly I turn the conversation to economics …

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