Goff and Key agree on something

Phil Goff:

[There is] no businessperson in New Zealand that would say when you are in difficulty the best thing you could do is sell off your best-performing assets.

At least both major parties now agree that that the election is all about finding a new CE to run NZ Inc. What a shame we’re not inviting applications from people with proven, international experience.

  • No no no! A country isn’t a company, so the one thing you don’t want is someone trying to run it like one. One of the few things Paul Krugman was right about is when he wrote the article A Country Is Not a Company 

    • Sorry if I was unclear: I was referring to exactly that paper when I made this post and lamenting that Goff has now been drawn into the same NZ Inc rhetoric that Key employs. I would have hoped that a career politician would be more familiar with the distinction than a former executive. Apparently not.