Question: Post-election blogger briefing?

I have just come back from a couple of days of presentations, and I had an idea.  How would other bloggers feel about a post-election economic update at some point in early December?  I could definitely do this – as long as I can get permission from my work place, a free venue, and an interest from the blogging community in NZ.

Any thoughts?

  • You mean you’ll do a presentation on the economy for free in order to inform public debate?

    • If I’m allowed, and if people are interested.  Yes.

  • If it’s for bloggers, why not just post it?

    • Can’t see why those options would need to be mutually exclusive …

      • You could even stream it live on the blog! I’m sure bloggers have some fancy name for that, but I’m not webby enough to know it.

  • Peter Cresswell

    Sounds like an interesting idea. Especially if held in or near a Brewpub.

  • Stream it for your international readers. 😉