Facing the bloggers

I will be doing a free presentation to the blogsphere in Auckland on December 2, followed by a Wellington presentation on December 10.

You guys have been good to me, challenging my preconceptions and helping me to develop my ideas understand (ideas was a stupid term – I never come up with anything original, I just aim to try to understand the world around me given the knowledge that already exists 😉 ).

I want to give something back by giving you guys a rundown on what has been going on in the economy, and some of the issues we should be keeping an eye on over the next three years.  Given that it is after the election I’m calling it a “post-election economic update for bloggers”.

I will pop up more details closer to the time – I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that this is happening, and that you are all more than welcome.

For those that cannot make it, I will pop up the slides on the site after the Wellington presentation.