Other people talking about NZ QE

I wrote down post trying to give some perspective of what the “QE for NZ” policy of the Greens was suggesting.  However, I’d also like a link of what other people have said – so I’m writing this post and just putting in the links 🙂

Note:  I’m just linking – I am not saying I agree or disagree with anyone by linking.  Except for myself, I mostly agree with myself.

Any other links around, pop them in the comments if you’d be so kind 😉

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  1. Paul Walker
    Paul Walker says:

    It is often said that economists never agree. But when it comes to the Green’s ideas on quantitative easing we seem to have a case where they do agree and no one seems to like it. But will this agreement have any effect on the actions of the politicians?

  2. HJC
    HJC says:

    The David Mayes one is good. He makes the important points that it can only be QE if rates have already fallen to zero – clearly not what the Greens are really asking for. It’s confusing that the Greens seem to be trying to solve two “problems” (exchange rate and Christchurch reconstruction) with one poorly specified policy. Everyone will find something they don’t like.

  3. JC
    JC says:

    I think I’ve found the employment crisis in manufacturing.. its in the union returns of members 2007-2011 for manufacturing>

    Membership 2007 was 69,580.. in 2012 it was 55,459.


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