Two links that reinforce my priors

On bubbles (My point:  I keep hearing bubbles matter because “financial stability influences monetary policy” like it is a big idea … but really, no sh*t.  Government spending “influences” monetary policy.  So does competition policy.  They all change the time profile of the natural interest rate.  The fact is that we have monetary policy to manage monetary outcomes given these things – have other sets of government policy for other areas of government concern, and just try to base them in sound economics.)

On the minimum wage and long-run effects (My point:  Good to see actual work on given so many empirical estimates are for short-run effects – and even those show pain to the young and unskilled even if the aggregate figure isn’t statistically significant – reminds me of McCloskey).

In a time and a place where I have both time and a place to do so – I will post on these.  Hopefully.

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  1. Luc Hansen
    Luc Hansen says:

    Since no-one else has, Matt, this is just to encourage you to write those posts, esp on the latter topic. May I suggest a working title: “The minimum wage and the role of poverty as policy in an open economy”?

    • Matt Nolan
      Matt Nolan says:

      Indeed, a more detailed post would be useful.

      Tbh, I’d like to be able to spend a lot more time doing a lot more data driven research into inequality and the effective trade-offs that exist from policies. If I can sort myself out, I might try to get myself back into a university.

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