Tarot card reading and the art of economic communication

Today I am presenting at NZAE 2013 with a rambling confused piece about communication – is that irony 🙂

Hopefully the presentation is a bit more too the point.  And yes, my presentation does take the form of Tarot Cards.

I had a lot of fun reading literature and writing up that paper, but a combination of having to ram Tarot Card reading into a narrative that it didn’t fit in (by the end), and a lack of time to polish down my ideas and surgically remove irrelevant information, made the paper a touch … long.  It is significantly shorter than the version that James had to trudge through at least 😛

What I did learn was that the analytical tools and understanding associated with folk psychology, and its link with scientific psychology, offers an awesome area for analysing economics, economists, and economic communication.  Wandering into that field was a pleasant experience.

The paper in its form as of the presentation:  Matt Nolan NZAE2013