Recommended reading for today

I aim to read the new book “Inequality:  A New Zealand Crisis” – I am just deciding whether to start that, read the book by Stiglitz first, or finish my reread of “The Economic World View“.

However, I see Bill has started his review over at Groping to Bethleham – I suggest jumping over there and reading that.  I will not read it until I’ve caught up – but knowing Bill this will be good, so I can recommend it unseen 🙂

If anyone comments here, can you not discuss the book or the review.  Instead, I wouldn’t mind more recommendations of things to read 😉

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  1. Blair
    Blair says:

    How Asia Works, by Joe Studwell. I don’t always agree with Tyler Cowen’s book reviews but this one is excellent so far.

  2. Donal Curtin
    Donal Curtin says:

    I’m most of the way through Stephen D King’s When The Money Runs Out: The end of Western Affluence

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