A couple of recent NZ posts on inequality and poverty

I enjoyed these two posts by Bill Kaye-Blake – one on inequality, and one on poverty. [Also add this recent post]

I suggest you go give them a read if you haven’t already 😉

Note:  Looks like this accidentally turned into a link post …

Note this is good.  Real good.  The sheep analogy is one of the banes of my life … it gets whipped out whenever someone wants to make a social claim but not actually defend it 😉

Also, good post in a series on poverty here.

And Ryan Avert discussing the Piketty book.  Also assortative mating – I remember my high school economics teaching talking to me about this with regards to inequality!

And this post where a physicist discusses economics saying what “scientists” would look at with inequality.  That is fine, his description of what a scientist would do looks like an oversimplified view of what economists already do so that is all gravy 😉

Krugman makes a good point about negative labour supply effects.   Something that increases labour supply does not necessarily increase welfare/satisfaction etc etc, the fact the two often get mixed up has vexed me for a long time.  Krugman is also very right here when he discusses the return of “macroeconomic popularism” – the effect of policy is a harder question than many people give it credit for!

Marginal Revolution touches on income volatility for high income earners.

I heard that I was in this Radio NZ report.  Hopefully I didn’t say anything too inflammatory – I save that for when I’m blogging.