Woodford’s neuroeconomics

This post by John Cochrane points to a lot of neat papers.  I imagine the Gorton and Ordonez paper will get the most attention (eg Noah Smith’s tweet) – Gorton’s view of what happened during the global financial crisis is compelling, and his ‘bank run in the shadow banking system’ thesis is what I use to understand the GFC.

But there is a Woodford paper about neuroeconomics there, one that is related to the quote we had up for today’s ‘discussion tuesday‘.  The paper can be found here.

I had no idea that Woodford did neuroeconomic models of discrete choice – this is an area I’m ridiculously interested in.  I have his “interest and prices” sitting next to me, and it is a very good monetary economics book, but neuroeconomics is a whole other field!  Did anyone else know this?  Does anyone else have any extra literature I should take a look at?  I certainly know what I’ll be reading before bed tonight!

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