Budget day warmup

I realise people are probably pretty excited about the Budget later today – as that is something some people tend to get excited about.  I remember my family used to buy copies of the Budget documents, and go on and on about them – although I’m fairly sure I never saw them actually read them 😉

Still, to have you prepare here is my ‘policy platform’ from 2011 – not sure it would be too different today.  Also, here is Brennan McDonald making the argument for incrementalism – which is probably more sensible than my policy platform 😉

Update:  Just saw an article by the NBR about my post on the ACT Budget.  Was good fun, I’m happy with the quotes they took – as I do want to point out that there is space for the types of policies they are discussing, the GDP justification was just such misinformation it vexed me.  More importantly though, I see they are still using my Google+ photo instead of my work photo in their articles – that is hilarity.

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