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Recently, I’ve been attempting to do aerial yoga.  This has led my friends to call me a hippy for some reason, what can I say economists are strange.  Anyway, this led to the following discussion statement from my friend – which he suggested I post (and I agree it would be fun to discuss).

Why would your null hypothesis be that being a hippie makes you less likely to be a dick than being a yuppie? If anything, hippies refusal to compete socially on the dimension of income just means that competition on all other dimensions is likely to be more fierce.


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  1. Simeon Pilgrim
    Simeon Pilgrim says:

    odd seconds sentence, given the null hypothesis is the thing you disprove, to prove your point. Thus you real point is “being a hippie makes you more likely to be a dick than being a yuppie?”

    So are you a yuppie feeling oppressed by those that don’t care, like how the hipsters also don’t care about stuff so hard, they seem to care real hard about not caring.

    I hung out with some hippie types before, well meditation/hippie types, and there peaceful at one with the universe, slow talk, everything is zen, just made we want to punch them just to inject some testosterone into the room. So I get the anti hippie stance, but the comparing them (the hippies and yuppies) is like a graph of percentage change missing the zero point, thus looking outrageous. They are both dicks, but for different reasons. Both are out of touch with the common man, both have the benefits of excess that allows them is dis-stain the actions of others.

    yuppies tend to believe that all there success is from the self, thus basking in the rewards of ones efforts is acceptable, because all rewards are from the self’s efforts, as compared to being advantaged by the time/place/circumstance and a jolly good handful of luck of there life.

    hippies, are also of a time/place of great prosperity, that means they can abstain from “bad actions” due to comic balance, because others takes those tasks for them, thus providing cheap goods and services, abstracted away to be used. I only eat local, or save the whale/I love my 30 year old vdub car.

    • Matt Nolan
      Matt Nolan says:

      I have no idea about the characterisation – I’ll have to get my mate to come on and comment.

      A lot of my friends identify or would be identified as hippies, so let’s just say I don’t completely agree with the quote. I think the author was perhaps more annoyed at the rap that was being given to “yuppies” at whatever point in time he told me to discussion tuesday the comment 😉

      My perspective, any group categorisation is going to be a “dick” as it involves some sense of difference/otherness as part of its identification as a group.

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