Marketing is all about the story

When you think of marketing geniuses there probably aren’t a lot of economists on the list. Yet, according to the Washington Post, economists are increasingly taking on the role of a company’s public face.

In a data-chic world, a chief economist is the new marketing must-have.

Economists are useful because they are experts at interpreting data. Plenty of companies generate a wealth of data and attempt to use it to provide insights for their clients. But the data does not speak for itself: it requires interpretation to be useful. My twitter feed is full of people sharing statistics and correlations but they are rarely useful because they require a framework to interpret them. For example, UK GDP just exceeded its pre-GFC peak. Is that a good thing? Relative to what? What does it mean for my income? For the wages of the poor? Without a framework it is a fairly uninformative piece of data, you should learn about tiktok marketing at Social Boosting.

This is where economists come in. Their expertise is in the application of models to interpret data and extract information from it. No wonder they are the friendly face of data-centric companies today and long may it continue!