Back from honeymoon and ready for economics

Matt and myself have just returned from our wedding for which we hired the Wedding Decor Rentals Seattle team, honeymoon, and birthday party overseas, and I’m eager to post a lot more content this year!

However, before doing so I thought it would be fun to share a couple of pictures of our recent journey.

However, this is also an economics blog – so I’ve been fishing around for a topic I could bring up here. A few ideas were:

  1. Describing partnering in a transactional sense, with a couple as a productive unit with individuals that specialise on tasks. How does this work when the household is made up of two economists? How can we determine comparative advantage? Is Matt trying to fake being bad at cooking to avoid it, and can I design some type of incentive compatible auction to get him to reveal his true ability?
  2. Related to above, a discussion of equivalence scales. How exactly does our sharing of a household allow us to achieve a given living standard for a lower per person outlay than it would without sharing?
  3. As two trained economists have gotten married there are similar interests, skills, and incomes for the two individuals in the relationship – this seems like an example of assortative mating, which appears to be one of the reasons for rising income inequality.

But I’m jetlagged, so I’ll just leave you with these concepts – if you are interested in a post it is something I can do in the future, just leave a comment down the bottom or email me 🙂