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The dessert co-ordination game

I was recently out having dinner with my family and it reached the part of the night where we needed to order desserts. I did my usual thing of ordering a beer for dessert, which is all well and good, and it gave me an opportunity to sit around and watch everyone else determine what […]


Gossip as a co-ordination device

Everybody complains about the slacker in a workplace who gossips about their colleagues. But what if the gossip is actually a device for sharing information about free-riders? And what if sharing information results in an equilibrium with fewer shirkers? More than 220 students were asked to describe the last time they talked about someone behind […]


Forward guidance and unconventional monetary policy in NZ?

Forward guidance and unconventional monetary policy I recently noticed that swap rates purchases were discussed as an unconventional monetary policy tool are discussed in Reserve Bank’s bulletin “Aspects of implementing unconventional monetary policy in New Zealand”. Namely, they state: “Purchasing interest rate swaps could be a way to signal that the Reserve Bank expects to […]


Some ‘inequality’ is good and other unpopular statements

We have an attitude as individuals to define things as “inherently good” or “inherently bad”.  And when this comes to policy indicators this is dangerous. Shamubeel has already discussed this when thinking about the broad idea of equality, and so has Sen – although those posts were just us quoting him!  However, a lot of […]