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The Olympic drugs prisoner’s dilemma

I woke up this morning with a headache, and the only thing I could think about was Olympic athletes taking drugs. After all, why do we have such a problem with it.  If elite athletes decide to take drugs and do really cool stuff that we can watch in our own homes isn’t this all […]


More reasons to legalise drugs?

When this article appeared in Stuff it seemed to want to give the impression that drugs = bad.  That is good for it.  However, when I read it it simply made me think that we should legalise said drugs.  Here is why. Ecstasy users are unwittingly taking other potentially more dangerous substances including P, as […]


More on drug policy

Stumbling and Mumbling discusses the seemingly strange fact that public opinion is so heavily against the legalisation of drugs that pose a lower social cost than some already legal drugs. Now the legalisation of drugs is an issue we have discussed at length here ( ).  Now if society is fully informed of the costs […]


Legalise drugs?

That appears to be the suggestion of David Grimmond from Infometrics according to this article (also found here). How do I feel about this suggestion, well I agree.  Legalise it, that way we can apply standard quality controls, pump out education and information, and place externality taxes on it. Worst case scenario:  The externality tax […]


Social harm and drugs: Is something missing?

In a recent article on Cannabis seizures the police said: Based on the New Zealand Drug Harm Index, it was estimated that $379 million worth of social harm had been prevented by the operation So I looked up the drug harm index and found a release from BERL that stated: Cannabis is estimated to cause […]